Writing Assignment #1—Analyzing Puritan Thought and Ideology 2 page Critical Response/

Define some of the basic concepts of Puritan ideology and illustrate their significance in specific works. Choose from among the following: (a) human depravity, (b) absolute sovereignty, (c) predestination, (d) individualism/ reading, and (e) covenant theology. Using the authors we discussed in class i.e., John Winthrop, Anne Bradstreet, and Edward Taylor—you may even look at Jupiter Hammon and Phyllis Wheatly)—study at least two texts from two different authors. Then, in a thesis driven essay, discuss one or two basic Puritan ideologies found in each of the works analyzed.
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• All essays must be typed, double spaced, 12 point, Times New Roman, 2 pages—or more
• This essay must follow MLA standards.
Includes page numbers, internal citation, and works cited page, among others.
• Margin no wider than 1.25 inches
• All essays need a Work Cited page.
• All essays must be submitted online through Safe Assign
• Must follow all instructions regarding length (Note: If your analysis is not over at the end of 2 pages, continue to write. An incomplete analysis is unacceptable.)

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