Writer decision/we can discussion on this issues on based on data available

Writer decision/we can discussion on this issues on based on data available

All the details would be based on the journals criteria


1. Keywords
2. Background of the study and problem statement
3. Material and methods
4. Results and discussion
5. Discussion and conclusion
6. References

Study area
7. Ethiopia lies from longitudes 33°E to 55°E and latitudes from 3.5°N to 15°N, covering a land area of 1.13 million km² and including large areas of flat land and gently rolling hilly areas as well as steep mountains and ragged valleys. There is an uneven distribution among regions, mainly varies with regional altitude changes from slightly below sea level to more

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than 4,000 m above sea level (Figure XX). Thus, the climate of Ethiopia is quite variable across the country. Ethiopia’s climate is mainly tropical steppe climate and subtropical forest climate, the annual average temperature is from 10 to 27°C and the tropical zone receives less than 510 mm rain per annum, while the subtropical zone, which includes most of the highlands, receives 510 to 1,530 mm of rain annually (Mati, 2006). Despite it is difficult to make agricultural planning due to variable rainfall, a large proportion of the Ethiopia gets sufficient for rain-fed crop production. In the north of the country, the rainfall pattern is mainly bimodal, with the shorter starts around March/April and the second one begins around June/July. In some regions, the two seasons combine into a unimodal pattern, which the main crop planting season is from June to October and it almost depends on rain. The main crops in Ethiopia are teff (Eragrostis tef), maize (Zea mays) and wheat (Triticum aestivum Linn.), etc.

writer can know which variables he/she is going to use for climate change and crops etc so that we can discuss more pelase …


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