Write an attractive title for the paper.

Write an attractive title for the paper.
-Please send me the ideas that you want to talk about and the thesis first, and I will talk to you after showing it to the professor. (it is like an abstract). If the prof. ask me to change it I’ll tell you.
-The short analysis papers should summarize, discuss, and critically analyze the assigned required texts.
-The Analytical Paper Should Include Three Parts:
1-Introduction (Descriptive): Summarize the authors points, main points. (What?)
2-Body Paragraphs (Analytical): Critiques, Why authors differ in points?, Theoretical perspective of the authors, My own argument (My answer to the paper question), support my point of view (attached sources or outside sources), my inform (agree or disagree with the authors). (How & Why?)
3-Conclusion (Normative): How should things be, The ideal (How should things happen, Historicize), & suggestions or solutions. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
-Use the assigned materials (as the main 2-3 sources (main argument), attached) and you are welcome to include outside credible and/or academic sources related to the theme and to support your own argument.
-You are welcome to write more than 6 pages.
-Use quotes (with page/s number/s in in-text citation).
-Papers should reflect an engagement with the issues raised, present the student’s opinions on the debates surrounding selected issues, and showcase an understanding and knowledge of reading materials.
-Rather than regurgitating the material in the readings, students are expected to demonstrate a level of independent and critical thinking, and analytical reflection on the themes addressed.
-The submission will be graded for the evidence of the quality and depth of the student’s critical engagement with the texts and coherence of arguments presented.
-Papers must provide a clearly articulated Thesis, A Works Cited Page, and follow appropriate documentation guidelines.
-12 Font/ Times New Roman/ Double Space
-APA style, include Page/s Number/s in the In-Text Citation.
-Use perfect English, I don’t want to lose marks because of grammar, etc.

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