Why I chose to earn a degree from Liberty University

Topic: Why I chose to earn a degree from Liberty University

The First Main Point: Liberty University online degree program provides easy access to my degree program

Support for the First Main Point: Liberty University online program allows me the flexibility to work while I attend school online and also, the university is able to work around my schedule; while allowing me more flexible time.

The Second Main Point: Liberty University is military friendly

Support for the Second Main Point: While other schools charge more for tuition, the university charge much less for military personnel and their family.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

The Third Main Point: Liberty University has the tool that I need to succeed in my degree

Support for the Third Main Point: The university has a degree program that is suited for me. They career what I do need to accomplish my future goal.

Concluding sentence: Attending Liberty University has made it easy for me to achieve my degree. Choosing Liberty what the best choice that I made in my college search. Liberty is preparing me to sail high up the chain.

You will expand your outline into a fully-developed, single paragraph in a Microsoft Word document. The paragraph must be 200–400 words and include all elements of the Paragraph Outline.

• The rough draft must follow the outline.
• The draft begins with a topic sentence that includes the purpose and controlling idea and ends with a good concluding sentence that summarizes the main points and ends the paragraph in a logical manner.

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