What is the applicability of the smartphone application physitrack for measuring and improving adherence to prescribed home based exercise in comparison to log-book on breast cancer survivor in women aged 50-70?


During the Third Year Project Research & Innovation you studied a specific topic, used different sources of information and developed a product that could be useful in the field of physiotherapy. Now you are going to implement, test and evaluate the product in a real clinical situation with (at least) one real patient in order to prepare the product for implementation in the clinic.
When there is a difference between these two situations you first need to solve this by adapting or adjusting your product to the specific context (e.g.). After adaptation or adjustment you can test and evaluate the product (feasibility; effect) and describe the results in your Graduation Project Report.

Preparation Graduation Project Report
Before you can start with your Graduation Project you need to discuss the assignment with your clinical supervisor. You need to get his/her written approval (*) to perform the assignment at the clinic. You also need to get his/her opinion about the assignment in the specific context of the organization. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
In your Graduation Project Plan you described the desired situation and planned approach. The question is how comparable the real situation at the affiliation site is compared to the described situation in your Plan. Analyze relevant similarities and differences between the situation described in your Plan and the actual situation in the clinic regarding both organization (meso-) and context (macro-). Decide if your product and/or approach need to be adapted or adjusted before implementation and testing.
– Your test battery contains 5 tests but for one test the equipment is lacking which means you need to select another test or exclude this item in the test battery.
– You prepared an intervention for 45 minutes but in the clinic you only have 30 minutes which means you have to adapt the intervention.
– You prepared an intervention with an App but the patient in the clinic does not have a smart phone which means you need to find another way to inform him/her about the exercises.
– The patients in the clinic have other characteristics than the target population of your Third Year project which means you need to reformulate the in- and exclusion criteria and maybe also some of the tests or exercises.
Ask your clinical supervisor to help you with the recruitment and selection of a patient that meets the in-and exclusion criteria. Make sure you have a written informed consent (*) from your patient before you execute the project. Please make sure to remove the personal information from the patient before including the informed consent in the Appendix of your Report.

When you have written permission from both your supervisor and your patient you can start collecting information. Collect, describe and analyze the information related to both feasibility and effect. Make sure to follow-up the patient as long as possible. Be aware that this is a circular and not a linear process. Use the outline of the report to start writing your Report. Write the results, review and rewrite. Check if you can answer your question, reach your objective and solve the problem with the information you collected. Discuss your progress on a regular basis with peers, clinical supervisor and supervisor (assessor of your report). Contact your Saxion supervisor by mail when you have questions that cannot be answered by your peers or clinical supervisor. Write the discussion, conclusion, recommendations. Perform a peer review and refine your own report at least once but maybe multiple times.

Closure phase
Your clinical supervisor needs to read your report and needs to give written permission (*) to upload it for assessment.

*Written permission/ informed consent from clinical supervisor and patient (anonymous) to use the information collected at the clinic and from the patient to write the Graduation Project Report, to submit the Report at and to use the information in further research to improve education and health care.
Product Deadline Quarter week
Graduation Project: Report 1st chance Monday, December 2.3
Outcome Assessment Monday, January 2.6
Graduation Project: Report 2nd chance Monday, March 3.3
Outcome Assessment Monday March 3.6

For the deadlines look at testing information on Blackboard
Relevant resources

Graduation Project Report Outline ( 3500 words)

Title (150 characteristics)

Abstract (275 words or fewer)
• Background, purpose, case description, outcome, discussion, word count case report

Body of the Report (3500 words or fewer excluding abstract, references, tables and figures)
Use checklists www.apta.org for more detailed information (see page 3 of this document).

• Background
• Purpose
• Context situation organization (hospital rehabcentre..etc….)
• question
Case description
• Patient History
o Description
o Clinical Impression
• Examination
o Description
o Clinical Impression
• Intervention
o Description
o Protocol
• Tests
• Evaluation (how to evaluate your innovation)

• Feasibility on patient level and organization level
• Effects
• Critical reflection
• Adjustment that need to be made to implement the innovation for other patients or a larger population.
• Conclusion
• Recommendations

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