What is a Research Question?

What is a Research Question?


A research question is a focused, specified and arguable question that guides the direction of the research. As a matter of fact the research question should not at one time have a noticeable answer but should always compel the participant to make an original claim. The thesis statement of the research should answer the research question. Good research questions in a research allow the researcher to take an arguable position but they do not allow room for ambiguity (Francis, 2015). The major characteristic of research question is that they must be arguable, solve a certain problem, must either be narrow or broad, must be researchable with a given location and framework and must provide the intended framework. The role of this work is to illustrate how research question might be specific, arguable and focused.

Despite the fact that all research questions are required to take a stand, in the field of social sciences they are required to have data that is repetitive in nature. The data in these research questions must be reliable in order to provide a strong and arguable research (Francis, 2015). The research question must assist the researcher to measure and gather certain facts of the specific phenomenon, match the theory and facts, compare to models or hypothesis and prove that a given strategy in more effective than other methods. It should be understood that have good research questions enables the researcher to endeavor in writing a strong, reliable and consistent research.

Research question one

What factors of peer support intervention which prevents suicide in high school males?

The research question is specific because it single out the supportive measures which might assist in elimination of suicide among high school males. The question open a room for argument because the researcher can decide to find the degree or to extent in which the high school male students are commit suicide or he may wish to establish the reasons  for the increased rate of suicide cases of male students in high school (Francis, 2015). The research question is specific in to what the researcher wants to establish. The research question directs the respondent and the reader of the research that the aim of the research is to find which gender in high school is influenced to commit suicide.

Research question two

Do the elderly in the society diagnosed with Alzheimer experience pain?

The research question is specific in nature because it single out the elderly in the society suffering from Alzheimer disorder. The question is arguable because the research can either argue that the elderly suffering from Alzheimer experience pain or they do not experience pain (Francis, 2015). The question is focused because it is focused on the pain experienced by the elderly people in the society suffering from Alzheimer.  Given that the research question is measureable and comprehensive in nature it has the potential to produce dependable research for the specific phenomenon in question.

Research question three

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How do psychiatric hospital units designed in order to influence the patient’s hostility.

The question is arguable since it provides a room of determining the influence the psychiatric units have in controlling the level of violence in a given incidence (Francis, 2015). The research question is specific in nature because it single out the psychiatric hospital units for research instead of just covering all the hospital units for the research.  The research question is focused because it necessitates the research to focus on the patient’s hostility in the Psychiatric hospital units. The researcher does not have to focus on other patients within the hospital or other units but specifically those occupied by hostile patients.

In conclusion, the research questions relate to my field of discipline because they are specific, measurable, arguable, and comprehensive and focused upon a particular phenomenon. The sources which might be required to answer these questions might be the hospital administration, newspaper articles, journals, websites, internet and past research.


Francis, K. (2015). Identifying and defining research questions. 5th edition. Duke University Press.
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