“What if I lost my hearing… for just a day?”

“What if I lost my hearing… for just a day?”

“What if I lost my hearing… for just a day?”
This assignment will require you to select a day prior to the due date of this paper to “lose your hearing”.
Here are the requirements:
Purchase/obtain some ear plugs and wear them throughout the day
While going about your day to day business you will not be able to…
speak on the phone via voice
listen to music via head phones
watch TV/movies with volume, you will need to utilize the closed captioning feature (kill two birds with one stone and watch Audism Unveiled! )
You will need to interact with at least 3 people throughout the day, if you know how to sign please utilize this skill.
Interact with at least one person using ASL/Sign, if you do not know ASL, please revert to gesturing or miming Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
Interact with at least one person via “lip reading” and speaking
Interact with at least one person by only writing back and forth
After you have “gone a day without hearing,” write a 2-page minimum (4-page maximum) paper regarding your experience using the guidelines above.
This assignments goal is for you to gain EMPATHY not SYMPATHY. Please be sure to know the difference between these two terms prior to beginning the assignment and writing your paper. We want to challenge you to take on a new perspective but do not want to further the oppressive nature of the hearing community that often views Deaf people as “sad” and “lonely” people.
This is a college level Gordon Rule course, please be sure to proof read your paper and write in grammatically correct English. I highly recommend you have someone (not me) proof read your paper prior to submitting your work.
Complete coverage of the topics requested in the prompt.
Length (a minimum of 2 pages)
Essay structure, grammar, spelling, and mechanics.

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