Weekly Current Event Assignment

Weekly Current Event Assignment Instructions
Goal: The goal of this assignment is to draw connections between the assigned
readings and contemporary discussions/debates happening in the United
States, and/or the world.
Assignment: This is a fairly freeform assignment. The primary stipulations are:
● the current event needs to tie into one or more aspects from
any of the assigned readings or videos or concepts.
● the current event needs to have occurred or “gone viral” in
popular media discourse in the last six months.
As for the written assignment details, you will use 3-4 double-spaced
pages to do the following:
● briefly summarize the current event
● briefly explain the major sides of the debate or discussion
● critically evaluate the news or media source from which
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● illustrate the link between the current event and the
assigned reading or video
● analyze the debate or discussion through the lens of the
assigned reading or video
Format: 3-4 double-spaced pages; 1 inch margins; Times New Roman; 12 point
Example: This example is out of date, but it should still make for a helpful example
(This is only an outline. You’ll obviously expand these ideas into 3-4
● Current event: anti-trans bathroom bills [1 page]
● Debate: Inclusion of non-normative gender identities vs.
transphobic fears about violence and/or sexual assault
against women and children in the restroom [.5 page]
● Links to the Canaday chapters on welfare camps and
homophobic fears about molestation of young boys [.5
● Analyze anti-trans bathroom bills through Canaday’s
examples/ideas/argument. [1.5 pages]

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