Thesis Papers: Obesity in America:

Thesis Papers: Obesity in America:

Make a presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi, or some other visual presentation) with at least 15 slides or different pages with visuals and key data, points, or other evidence. Include speaker’s notes (what you would say) if you were delivering it to the class.  Upload your presentation to the dropbox.

sources to help you make it below feel free to use other new material as well

  • Obesity Rates and Trends (Website):
  • Pounding Away at America’s Obesity Epidemic (Podcast): obesity-epidemic
  • AMA Recognizes Obesity as a Disease (Article):
  • Obesity: Overview of an Epidemic (Article)
  • Understanding Obesity Stigma:
  • The Emotional toll of Obesity:
  • Obesity in America: (Films):
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  • A Sociocultural History of Obesity (Video):
  • The Epidemic of Obesity: What’s in a name? (Article): epidemic-of-obesity-what-s-in-a
  • Can you Eat Healthy on $4 a Day? (Article):
  • Obesity, Nutrition & Health in 2018 (Website):
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