Thesis Papers: Impacts of human activity upon natural energy flows and cycles

Thesis Papers: Impacts of human activity upon natural energy flows and cycles

Week 3: Cycles and Flows

1. Return to the same spot where you observed last week.

2. Conduct an observation for at least thirty minutes.

First, calm yourself for at least three minutes. The Easy Guide to Nature Observation has some good ideas for preparing yourself to observe. [If you’re pressed for time, skip down to the section “Practice Sensory Awareness”.]

The second week, take notes that describe the following:

a. What examples do you see of flows of energy? Describe at least two of them in some detail. For example, if an automobile goes by, what kind of energy is involved in its motion? Where did it obtain this energy?

b. What plants do you see? What kind of energy are they using in their life processes?

c. Now look for and describe at least two examples of the cycle of materials. Describe them in some detail.

d. What impacts of human activity upon natural energy flows and cycles did you notice?

e. Feel free to describe other aspects as well.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Important: Consult the Rubric on the assignment page to see how your report will be graded. Note that for the best grade you must not only describe what you see but also

· refer to the week’s readings,

· draw some conclusions about your observations, and

· connect those conclusions clearly with the main themes of the course: the flow of energy, the cycle of materials, and the interconnection of all life.

3. Complete the Observation Report Form and submit it by the deadline.

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