The Wild Wired West

The Wild Wired West

Choose 2 from 6 following articles and develop a critical analysis of how claims from one of the articles affects you:
-Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen “Our Future Selves”
-Sherry Turkle “Growing Up Tethered”
-Charles Seife “The Loneliness of the Interconnected”
-Danah Boyd “Can Social Media Resolve Social Divisions?”
-Lon Andrews “George Orwell … Meet Mark Zuckerberg”
-Henrick Karoliszyn “Precognitive Police” Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

The requirements are in the additional material (picture), just choose 2 articles that you like to write.
Please be careful with Plagiarism, my teacher knows many students take the ideas from other sources and change the words.1-3 pages double space, between 800-1000 words in
Times New Roman

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