The impact of the slowdown of the Chinese economy on Australia

Research Essay Topic _The impact of the slowdown of the Chinese economy on Australia.

There are strong indications that the Chinese economy is slowing down after three decades of rapid growth. Its rapid growth transformed not only China’s own economy but also had a huge impact on other economies in Asia and the world. China emerged as the ‘assembly center’ of production networks and has played a major role in the deeper integration of economies in this region.

Clearly a Chinese slowdown will have major impacts on the economies of this region. Also note that the Chinese slowdown is happening at a time when the global economy, including the major OECD economies, is facing difficult times.

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The essay should focus on Australia and discuss the implications of the Chinese economy slow down on Australia.

The essay should describe, proving figures and data is necessary, the trade and investment linkages of Australia with China and the rest of the world, and how these relationships have evolved during the period of the ‘China boom’. It should then discuss how a slowdown in Chinese economy impacts on Australia through the various channels (trade, tourism, investment etc.), noting that there will be both direct impacts as well as indirect impacts. The indirect impacts come from the impact of the Chinese slowdown on other countries of the world, which in turn will impact on Australia. You should discuss what may be the impact on important economic variables such as, for example, the country’s real income, its balance of payments position, employment and investment.

Useful background reading:

  1. Garnaut, Ross, Cai Fang and Ligang Song (eds.) (2015), China: A New Model for Growth and Development
  2. Austrade (2015), How dependent are Australian exports to China.
  3. Asian Development Bank (2017): Asian Development Outlook Supplement – “Cautious optimism for Asia’s outlook”,

Instructions for students:  

In your research assignment, you must clearly but succinctly address each specific point mentioned in the essay topic.

The originality of the contribution and clarity of writing are rated highly in the assessment.

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Word limit: Maximum 1,500 but can be shorter

Weighting/Value: 30%

Criteria for Marking:

The assignment will be assessed based on the following criteria.

Coherence of argument 15%
Originality 5%
Presentation 5%
Referencing 5%

Learning Objectives assessed:

This assessment task is designed to test your ability to do independent research, and your analytical and writing skills. It is an individual task.

Referencing requirements:

Students are encouraged to use Harvard style. However, if other styles are used, consistency is a requirement.

Submission details:  Submit hard copy of your research essay to your tutor during your last tutorial on 8 December 2017. Please keep a copy of your completed research essay for your records.

Research essay must include a completed and signed Assignment cover sheet.

Please also submit your essay via Moodle Assignment Submission – which will automatically generate a report on the originality of your research via the Turnitin module.

Estimated return date: Feedback will be provided via Moodle grade during the week starting on 18 December 2017.

Penalties for late lodgement: A penalty of 1 mark will be deducted for each day that is late. No essay will be accepted if more than 3 working days late.

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