The Head of a fast-food company called Mr. Chip

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Report Title 3
You are the Head of a fast-food company called Mr. Chip. You are currently losing customers to a rival company.
Write a feasibility report about a possible business strategy to enhance the company’s profile and attract more customers.
You must consider the following aspects in your report:
Ease of implementation

Important information:
In your report you should refer to materials from the SS2 coursebook and at least four additional academic sources from your own research.
You must provide in-text citations and final references for all sources you refer to in your report. You must use English language sources – you should not translate
ideas from nonEnglish sources.
Your report must use sub-headings and a numbering system throughout.
The report should be 1200 words.
You will be assessed on:
The relevance of your ideas to the report title.
The structure of your report (organisation of ideas; use of headings and numbering; linking of ideas).
Your choice of relevant and appropriate source material – including specific examples and data – to support your ideas.
Your incorporation of source material including paraphrase/summary, in-text citations and final references.
Appropriate and accurate use of English, especially register and style; adherence to all task guidelines.

Written Work Submission Guidelines
The first page of your assignment must state the following:
Module code and title (eg. FC005: Introduction to Social Sciences)
Type of assignment (eg. portfolio essay / final report)
Assignment question (eg. Critically evaluate….)
Word Count
Your tutor’s name
Your City University student number (not your name) – this is on your student card after ‘Reg No:’
Submission date You must also do the following:
Each page must have a header with the module code, module title and your student number All of the work must be word processed
The line spacing must be 2 (double)
The font type must be Arial
The font size must be 12
The pages must be numbered in the bottom right corner
You must include a final reference list using the Harvard System which is outlined in the college referencing guide. Please ask your tutor if you do not have a copy of

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