The coroner’s report response paper

The coroner’s report response paper

Choose a literary element in any of the essays we’ve discussed thus far in class, except Annie Dillard’s “Living Like Weasels,” and Brian Doyle’s “Joyous Voladoros” and analyze how it works in that essay in light of the story (per Gornick’s definition).

For instance, you might make an argument as to why/how specific details of the coroner’s report in Staples’s essay contribute to the overall effect and story, or you could closely examine his tone (diction and persona) or even the various ways he uses juxtaposition.  You might look at Beard’s narratives, other than the shooting narrative, and analyze how they contribute, deepen, add complexity to the shooting narrative.  Or you could examine just ONE of those narratives that is more an outlier.  You could analyze how that opening section foreshadows the entire essay.  There are lots of possibilities with Gerard’s essay as well.

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Your first sentence should follow the format we’ve discussed in class, and your thesis should come at the end of the first paragraph.

Make sure your paragraphs are well developed (with clear topic sentences) and you are providing evidence to support your analysis.  Do NOT let textual evidence make your analysis; textual evidence should support or illustrate your points.

You must include a Works Cited page. Remember that you must also use an internal or parenthetical citation for all quoted material.  In general, you shouldn’t be using block quotes (quotes that are 4 typed lines or longer) for this type of paper.

Don’t simply restate your thesis and main points in your conclusion: provide some background information about the author and give us something new to think about or provide a final insight.

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