The 5 best toys of all time by jonothan h. liu

The 5 best toys of all time by jonothan h. liu

Reading Response

For this paper your assignment is to respond to any of the readings we’ve gone over to this point.  Your task is to summarize the important points of the essay.  Use your close readings to show direct quotes.


Remember summary is: what happened.  What is the essay/story about.


The details are:

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  • Focus on your thesis. Give a road map to the reader that shows you have read the essay/story and that you have something to say about it. Have a clear well-constructed thesis. (refer to lecture III on Blackboard)
  • Summarize the article. What is it about? What happens? Where does it take place? Who is involved?
  • Develop your thesis. Build on your main idea of what the story/essay is all about.
  • Use your close reading. Put your close reading in your paper. Respond to your close reading quote by showing why this quote is important to you as a reader and thinker. Before the quote, give a sense of what was happening. After the quote, show why the quote mattered to you or didn’t.  What made it the most important quote in this essay? What makes the quote memorable and worthwhile to you as a reader and thinker? Refer to the text.
  • Clear ending that shows why ideas mattered and were ALL used by writer. Show why the quote is meaningful when weighed in relation to the rest of the article.  Show the reader why you selected this reading and this quote and what is important about it to you as a reader and thinker.



Grading Rubric


Is a thesis present? Yes No
Is the article summarized? Yes. (Main ideas thoroughly covered.) Somewhat. (Some ideas covered, but some main points not clearly covered.) No
Is the thesis developed? Yes. (Thesis is focused on throughout and subsequent details continue to develop using 7 ways.) Somewhat. (Some development there but there is further developing needed in places.) No
Is a quote of the reading used? Yes.  (Quote used.  Formatted properly. Before and after quote it is clear why quote is significant to student’s essay.) Somewhat.  (Quote used, but not formatted, properly introduced, or it is difficult to understand why quote is important to student writing.) No
Does the ending convey what is meaningful about essay to writer? Yes.  (Conclusion shows why writer selected essay and quote and what they found meaningful about it.) Somewhat. (Conclusion shows why writer selected quote or essay but not both, and doesn’t clearly show what was meaningful about essay to writer.) No.
Is the essay clean and error free grammatically? Yes. (Errors are not distracting and there are very few.) Somewhat. (Errors are present and there are a few per page. Not distracting.) No. (Errors make reading difficult.)
Are transitions between graphs clear? Yes. (Transitions are present and make reading easy for readers.) Somewhat.  (Some transitions are there but transitions are awkward or abrupt.) No.


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