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Option 1:

On the podcast assigned for Thursday, (https://www.newyorker.com/podcast/poetry/philip-levine-reads-ellen-bass-and-his-own-work) the poet Philip Levine reads and discusses (http://www.ellenbass.com/books/like-a-beggar/what-did-i-love/) Ellen Bass’s “What Did I Love” (2013; also assigned for Thursday), which Bass herself reads aloud on her website. Listen carefully to Bass’s reading, then to Levine’s reading (on the podcast, Levine’s reading begins at 2:10). As you listen to these two different readings of the same poem, compare them, noting similarities and differences in tone, emphasis, mood, cadence / pacing, and any other facet that you notice. For your post, write about these similarities and differences, and note any new things that you perceived about the poem as a result of hearing the words read aloud, and listening to the full podcast discussion of the poem.

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Option 2:


Note that one of the poets to whom Levine (on the podcast) compares Bass is the nineteenth-century poet Walt Whitman whose Song of Myself (selections) we’re also reading for Thursday. Based on the poems by Bass and Whitman you’ve read, why do you think that Bass’s work reminds Levine of Whitman’s?

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