Technology and social isolation

Technology and social isolation

TOPIC: Technology and Social Isolation



Research different points of view about this topic, and identify the audience in order to develop an angle on the topic by answering the 5 points below. Each point should have 2 paragraphs



1- Brainstorm five questions on the topic.


2-How is the topic important to parents and how does it affect parents of teenagers? What can a parent gain or accomplish by writing about this topic?

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3-Research the topic and provide a brief summary of the current points of view about the topic. Share at least two different/opposing positions on the topic. (Each should be a paragraph in length). To conduct research on the topic, find at least two credible sources that offer opposing perspectives and summarize those points of view in a paragraph. (Give APA reference of the 2 sources)


4-Describe who might be the audience. Who are the readers, and what are their needs, motivations, and influences? In what ways the writing should be structured to appeal to them.


5-What specific issue will you write about within the larger topic, and what unique angle will you provide?  (In this section, take a “side” of the argument and choose a thesis statement). The question should begin with “should,” “must,” or “do we need to” because the thesis will be a persuasive.

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