Ta Nehisi Coates ,”The Case for Reparations”

Ta Nehisi Coates ,”The Case for Reparations”

Political Science 1 –Reading Response Guidelines Length: 500 words minimum, 1000 word maximumFormat: Single-spaced, 12pt font, 1 inch margins, no title pageCitation style: Chicago Style (find instructions here: https://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html)# of citations: You should cite the supplemental reading/podcast, your textbook, and one credible outside source (I will discuss what counts as “credible” in class)Submission details: No hard copies will be submitted to me, all papers are to be submitted in Canvas under the “assignments” tab You are only required to complete 4 out of 5 reading responses. I don’t accept a 5th paper for extra points, I will give you an opportunity to re-write 1 response. A reading response should accomplish two primary things: first, it should summarize the text and second, it should evaluate that text. All supplemental readings/podcasts are non-traditional (meaning they’re not out of a textbook) and take some sort of stance on a particular political issue or topic. The author’s may be right, they may be wrong, they may do a poor job of shedding light on or explaining a political phenomenon, etc. In these reading responses, you will take a position and judge these authors their interpretations the political world. Your paper should be organized as follows:Introduction: This should be written last; I should be able to read it and know exactly what your paper is about and what you will argue. Tell me how your paper will be organized and don’t be afraid to say “I.” The last sentence of your introduction will have your thesis statement. Example Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!thesis format: In this paper, I will argue _________ because of _________. Body paragraph 1:Brifely outline the main ideas of the supplementary reading & connect it to theories, concepts, ideas, historical explanations found in the textbook Example paragraph format:o Topic sentenceo Commentaryo Text support (direct quote or summary)o Analysiso Transition Body paragraph 2: In this paragraph, you should evaluate the text and the author’s claims. You don’t have to simply disagree or agree with the author- maybe they are right about some things and wrong about other. Use your own understanding of American politics (via your family, job, school, childhood) to reject some of the author’s claims, add to them, or confirm them. Use qualitative data (personal stories, interviews, literature, historical examples), or quantitative data (statistics, numbers), or reasoning skills (maybe the author contradicts themself). Or all of the above! Conclusion: Don’t simply re-summarize your paper. Instead, connect the topic to the bigger picture of American Politics. Maybe raise questions you still have—hint at areas for further exploration. Answer the “so what?” question; why does this stuff even matter? Why should we care?

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