styles of shoes purchased by customers in the past and discounts offered

Amy Lawrence sends emails to customers who purchases shoes off of her website. The relevant information is about styles of shoes purchased by customers in the past and discounts offered. The emails also provide information on new styles once they are available. In this essay paper the writer aims at providing a memo to Amy for using an opt-in statement for permission to send emails that would appear once customers make their first purchase. Another major issue addressed in this memo to Amy is to address important privacy issues which are related to collection and usage of customer data.

Electronic mails are effective means of communication through technological advancement. Emails are used to gather information, perform electronic commerce tasks, execute transactions and advertise products. Sending of mails by Amy is one of the most challenging tasks as most of them are received as junk mails.

The recipients in this case customers experience problems when accessing their email accounts.  This is because customers receive unsolicited mails in form of spasm making it hard to acquire information at the right time. Despite this problem, emails have a number of benefits such as message is conveyed in seconds due to their easiness in character formatting. Sending of mails is a very simple process because the messages contain simple ASCII text. The process involves creation of email accounts and writing of emails through character formatting. Attachment is one of the most critical features that make emailing an important part of messaging. Emailing provides Amy with the opportunity to attach important documents relating to information about customer products and discounts offered. Another considerable use of emails is to confirm receipts of customer orders, send information about purchase to buyer, confirm shipment of orders, keep in touch with customers and announce specials and sales.

Many drawbacks that Amy experiences when using emails pose certain challenges to her business. First, Amy spends a lot of time answering e-mails as customers try to confirm availability of certain orders or shipment of orders. Second, a major challenge is that of computer virus which destroy customer data and other important information. A virus is defined s a program attaching itself to another program which results to damage of the host program activated. It is a challenge to Amy because her attached documents relating to customer orders are damaged by viruses. This has the problem of cost for e-mail convenience. Amy has to incur the cost of acquiring virus protection software which deals with security threats.

Most of the junk mails received by customers as spasm are viruses and this is a threat to electronic commerce as is practiced by Amy. Spam has a magnitude of problem as all email messages continue to be spasm unless technical solutions are implemented. Anti-spam software products such as e-mail server software limit the amount of spam emails reaching customers. Some of the other appropriate measures to deal with the problem of unsolicited email messages include customer based spam filtering programs. Second, setting of filters available within client e-mail client software is another major important measure for dealing with the problem of spam. The most effective is elimination of spam before they are being downloaded to the user. Other security measures include passage of new laws, implementation of technical changes in internet mail handling systems. The use of existing laws and current technologies that require cooperation of customers and suppliers help to resolve the problem of spam. Third, use of complete and multiple e-mail address is an appropriate security measure. Fourth, location of filtering software such as client and server level filtering helps to curb the problem of spam.

Essay 2

Creation of good experience to customers by Amy is one of the most important considerations. This calls for combination of a number of factors such as web server and hardware. Amy is also considering various hosting options such as web server hardware architectures. A major concern is benchmarking which involves testing used to compare performance of hardware and software. The comparison between hardware and software performance is an important aspect for Amy as it promotes standards of excellence in the case of productivity and service delivery. Through electronic commerce, a number of aspects are considered to have positive implications in promotion of business.

Compute software and hardware play a very important role in support of electronic commerce. Establishment of benchmarks helps Amy to identify areas which require room for improvement. Major concern is in the case of creating a good environment for carrying on with business transactions through the internet. Through emails Amy is in a position to communicate with her customers during the time of processing orders, attachment of important documents and catalogs. Benchmarking helps Amy to position her business in strategic levels for growth through proper communication with her customers.

Research through various websites provides good information which helps Amy to carry on with business transactions in an appropriate manner. Information acquired through research is about competitors, marketing strategies and effective communication to customers. Benchmarking helps Amy to become more innovative, identify new consumer markets and increase overall sales volume. Amy needs to create a benchmarking program through identification of her business strengths and weaknesses. This helps her to establish key areas which need improvements. After identifying key areas which need improvement, Amy is supposed to gather information and data with a view of coming up with relevant strategies.

Another major aspect considered by Amy is throughput and response time which relates to carrying on with business transactions online. These two aspects relate to performance of software and hardware. Response time means how quickly the system responds to request to do something. In other words it is a measure of time that a system takes to finish up with commands which have been given. Response time is important for software users especially people interacting with the system.  For instance in web application users want systems that are usually fast to a level that once they click a certain page it opens fast. The time for interactive software is measured in seconds and this gives the users an opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of software application.

Throughput is a measure of how much work a system can do within a given period of time. For instance, in the case of a software performance, throughput can be used to measure the number of orders which are being processed within a certain period of time. Web servers play a very important role in evaluation of certain information related to customer data. Throughput is important to software that process a lot of data in particular ways. A major application of throughput by Amy is in the case of generating receipts to all her clients. Throughput is important for interactive software with many uses for example it helps in evaluation of how many web pages can Amy serve every second. When developing software it is important to trade response time to throughput or vice versa. This means that they are not independent of each other and helps in development of basic technologies to build online business web sites.

The basic online business websites include utility function software, server software and hardware. Client and server architectures are used by clients to request for orders through LAN, Wan and the web. Web browsers also are very critical as they result to neutral platform for rapid speed and web acceptance. These are enhanced through dynamic page through programs and dynamic content. The dynamic content reflects non-static information which is constructed to respond client’s requests and gives the user interactive experience. Dynamic content is crated through server and client side scripting whereby in client-side scripting software changes the display of web page in response to users commands for example Adobe Flash and JavaScript.

On the other hand. server-side scripting leads to creation of web page through various programs in response to request for specific information such as customer orders from a Web client.  The e-mail server is one of the most important considerations that help Amy to handle incoming and outgoing e-mail. Web client or server architectures provide graphics which result to numerous server responses. This helps Amy to communicate effectively with clients through web server software which makes server’s files available to systems. Two-tier client, three-tier and n-tier architectures are major web client servers that can be used by Amy to help expand her business. This because they can run more than one operating systems software and helps to track multiple users and ensuring that there is no interference. There are a number of web-hosting alternatives such as self-hosting, commerce service providers, dedicated hosting, shared, and co-location service. The web servers and different electronic commerce serve the purpose of catalog display, shopping cart capabilities, transaction processing and small online stores.

Essay 3. Security policy for Random Walk Shoes database server

Dealing with electronic commerce is one of the most complex businesses that require the users of the system to consider certain ethical aspects. For instance, in the case of Amy who has a sales target of 200 each month on her site means that she has to maintain several records. Financial credit transactions carried through out the process allows only four major credit cards. The system stores records of all customer transactions on the database server hosted at Amy’s place of business. Customer credit card numbers are stored in the database and face certain threats.

To deal with such implications Amy and her clients need to consider ethical matters to promote good business dealership. The products of human mind such as customer credit card number recognized when deal with online business is classified under intellectual property. Major threats in this case include first, deceptive trade practices such as accessing customer’s credit card pin number to withdrawal some amount from their accounts. This is a likely threat in online business which results to unethical business transactions. Accessing customers account without his or her consent is unethically right because it amounts to theft.

Second, electronic commerce especially the case of Amy shoe trading has the threat of false advertisement claims which lead to supply of the wrong type shoes as are required by the customers. Through certain web sites, Amy advertises her goods with a view of winning several customers. Policy statements about advertisement such as consumer leasing and lending, prices, endorsements and testimonials and guarantees pose threats in the case of online business. During the event of advertisement, false claims are evident especially provision of false information and availability of goods (shoes).

Third, database server is faced with the threat of product disparagement which occurs when statement made injures the reputation of shoes supplied by Amy. This is a likely occurrence of events in the case when customers make negative remarks about the products through the websites. Response or feedbacks made by customers are very critical and determines the prosperity or failure of business. Customers who are not satisfied with the services of Amy are usually arrogant and work towards the failure of her business. Negative or defamatory remarks are provided at different sites whereby users of the internet are in a position to view the remarks. It is away of turning customers and recognizing minimal returns.

Fifth, database server is subject to the threat of cyber terrorism one of the most recent form of crimes influenced by technology and globalization. The internet is subjected to online crime, warfare and terrorism. In this case enemies or competitors to Amy business can act in unethical manner to reach the accounts of clients stored in the database. This means that relevant information is acquired by outsiders making it hard to carry on with business operations inappropriately. Sixth, electronic commerce poses the threat of infringing customer’s privacy especially when users of systems acquire information for customers without their consent. A common practice that is occurring with electronic commerce is infiltration of computer systems with the intention of stealing data and disruption of operations. This is done through hacking whereby unauthorized individuals access the database containing customer data. This is a major threat for Amy and her business which results to poor reputation and poor performance.

The threats to random walk shoe database server can be controlled through application of managerial and ethical practices. First, Amy should ensure that web electronic commerce sites adhere to business ethics and standards. This is a very important consideration that aims at promoting good business relationship with her customers. Second, she should ensure that promotion of products through advertisement is done by including true statements and omitting misleading information. During the process of advertisement, Amy should ensure that products are supported by verifiable information. The promotion should aim at including statements that promotes the reputation of the entity.

Third, laws relating to protection of internet users should be implemented so as to protect site visitors. There should be limited use of collected e-mail addresses and other related business information. The use of opt-in approach is another preferable measure that gives customers privacy protection. Fourth, in the case of database server management, it is important for relevant bodies to apply security measures such as personal identification number, coded information and antivirus. Accessing certain database server that stores information relating to customers credit cards should be of important consideration. Encryption f data and provision of check boxes should be considered in this aspect.

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