Strategic Talent Management

Strategic Talent Management

Select a company to analyze/research, preferably not your current company. A goal of this assignment is gain an understanding of how a companies culture can impact its overall strategy. You can choose a whole company, division or department of a company if you prefer. Include the following in your paper:

Company description: Briefly identify and describe the company you have selected, in your own words.
Company’s current competitive business strategy:

Describe which of the three competitive business strategies (value disciplines) you think is dominant in this company (as described by Treacy and Wiersama) – and provide your rationale for why you think this is the dominant strategy.

A short description of the company’s culture, what are the company’s espoused values? How do they showcase their values? How effective is their culture in relation to their business strategy? Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Company’s current HR Strategy: Describe a broad outline of the company’s HR strategy; draw on some of the concepts we discussed in session 1 including (but not limited to): Organization of work, Culture, Workforce composition, Rewards, and measurement, Etc.

Alignment between the company’s current HR strategy and ideal HR strategy: Analyze and discuss how the current HR strategy at the company compares to what it should look like to promote the business strategy that you selected.

Recommendation to increase alignment: Describe any changes you would suggest to better align the current HR strategy with the business strategy you selected.
Your paper should be no more than 5 pages long double spaced 12 point font.

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