Strategic Management

Strategic Management

A Report – 2500 words – a min of 10 suitable references – follow Harvard Referencing guidelines


Title page

Executive summary

Table of contents

Introduction (about 250 words)

  • Brief background to Strategic Management
  • Brief explanation of the approaches you are analysing


Using appropriate headings and sub-headings, (the main analysis part of your assessment should be about 2000 words – 600 – 700 words for each approach)

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Choose 3 different approaches to Strategic Management (please note these are only examples – as discussed in class there are many others you could choose from)

-stakeholder approach

– dynamic capabilities

–  sustainable approach

Give examples and detail

Discuss:  –     Viability of each approach,

  • Suggested benefits
  • Implementation issues
  • Limitations



Conclusions (about 250 words)

Reference List.

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