standardized testing lik SAT and ACT is ineffective

Order Description

paper is a argumentative research paper that shows both sides of the debate on standardized test like SAT and ACT and why it shouldn’t be used. the paper should also
be biased and support getting rid of standardized tests. Make sure to include as much counterclaims as possible.
– times new roman font size 12
– paper must show organizational structure which includes an introduction, thesis, topic sentences, examples, transitions, and a conclusion, and the research clearly
supports thesis
– paper must contain accurate assessment of source information. sources are introduced using a concise summary, and the sources are integrated logically and
effectively into the paper. 7-8 sources must be from reliable sources like peer reviewed journals and such.
– goal of the paper is clearly stated, language and rhetorical techniques used in the paper are clear and effective for the intended audience.
-Use correct MLA format and a properly formatted works cited page

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