Socialization (Font size: 12 with 1 inch margins)
In this paper you will reflect on the role of socialization in your own life. Focus on a specific topic, event, series of related events (e.g., learning to play an instrument over time, training at a job/internship, how to be a ‘good’ sister/brother/daughter/son, etc) in which you were either the target or the agent of socialization. Choose something you remember fairly well, and was complex enough that you can provide good detail. Then apply

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concepts from the course to your socialization experience; consider what
process(es) was/ were used, what the desired outcomes were (skills? Values? Cognitive competencies?), if the socialization was successful, and why the socialization was or was not successful. You must also integrate one reading of your choice from the course. (The readings are attached below and please notify me if you have problems opening the attached files below)

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