Shades of Humanity


Shades of Humanity

Blue, seems like a bright sky on a wonderful summer.

It gazes like the eyes of a newborn baby full of life.

Red, reminds me of a freshly cut watermelon.

But with the furry of a burning ember.

White, gives me the chills of snow during winter.

With purity its magnificent wisdom is explained.

Black, used differently by artists and designers.

But makes a perfect match when united with white.

Green, gives me the soothing feeling from nature.

Where would mankind be without your fertility?

Pink, a shed of red.

Then again strong because of its full of love.


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Together We Stand

Every life has its struggles.

Its strengths, but sometimes fumbles.

The brain is a like room.

Full of memories, that gloom.

It’s the kingdom that rules.

My heart gets attacked.

Every time the bridges burn.

But the structures thrive when blood gets pumped.

Where would I be without the lungs?

Its only fresh air that I yearn.

The chest strengthens when the movement starts.

The kidneys remind me of my twin.

Full of purity that always wins.

Thank God for the genes.

The hands are supposed to build the land.

Why do they use them to hold arms?

Use yours to make a mark.

Because the stomach is my bank.

What I save is what I earn.

The acid builds the funk.

So together we stand.

Divided we crack.






What is independence?

From what I’ve heard, people die from the cuts.

Everyone yearns freedom.

Our forefathers died so that every nation could have some.

It’s funny we are still enslaved by our shackles.

There is always something to run from!

Which one is more significant?

Personal freedom or our nation’s symbols.

Either way, mankind has forgotten one can’t do without the other.

Like the light needs darkness.

Liberty looks like lost love and just a ceremony.

Personal struggles are the new rulers.



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