Research project invloving Thematic analysis – A Qualitative Exploration of the Challenges of Consanguineous Marriages Among Emirati Women

This paper need to be done to a 1st degree level. I have completed the Introduction, methods sections and have all references. Transcript of focus group also included. What is needed is thematic analysius done on the data transcript, then the analysis and discussion sections need to be written up, an an abstract section included.
Please insure the Analysis covers;
• Is there an overview introducing the main points of the analysis?
• Are themes clearly outlined?
• Are relevant extracts/quotations used to support and evidence each theme?
• Is the interpretation/analysis of themes justified and appropriate?
• Is the interpretation linked to the extracts/quotes?
• Is the analysis linked to the research aims? Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
• Is the analysis linked to the relevant theoretical approach?
• Is the analysis linked to the literature presented in the introduction?
• If a discursive approach is used (e.g. DP, CDP, DA etc.), is the analysis linked to the literature presented in the analytic strategy?

and the Discussion includes;
• Are the outcomes of the analysis restated and summarized appropriately?
• Are the key messages from the analyses drawn out in the discussion?
• Are the findings discussed in relation to theory?
• Are the implications of the findings discussed sensibly?
• Are the strengths and limitations of the study sensibly reviewed?
• Are there suggestions for further research?
• Do conclusions follow from the preceding discussion?
• Is there a reflexive element describing the researcher’s personal involvement?
Finally the abstract should also be written.

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