Research paper on Public Goods and Free Riders

Research paper on Public Goods and Free Riders

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Write a consistent piece that goes through papers in the most natural way that is informative of what you have learnt in your readings. Stress clearly at the beginning
the main research question and how it compares with the previous literature, especially the ones you have surveyed. If it includes some theoretical contribution, try
to summarize the main propositions/predictions and try to explain what sort of problems could arise in bringing such predictions to the lab. Discuss the main features
of the experimental design and go over its main results stressing how they compare with what the theory suggested. Conclude by reiterating what the main findings are
and how they addressed the main research questions. highlight the weaknesses of the paper and sketch some possible extensions.
a general rule, do not to write 6 separate summaries, one for each paper. Write a unique piece that connects one paper to the other in a natural way.

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