Research design

research design
In three pages(one page for the content page and two for the body), answer the questions below in paragraph form.

Use the APA format for research papers – title page, content page, and reference page (no abstract is needed for this assignment).

What is your research question?
• Begin with determining whether you will be using quantitative, or qualitative, or mixed methods. Explain the rationale for the chosen method. Use the literature to support your ideas.
• Will it be a cross-sectional or longitudinal study? Explain (If doing qualitative, you do not have to answer this question.)
• Discuss your population of interest and how you plan on selecting your study sample? What is the rationale for your population of interest? Use the literature to support your ideas.
• Discuss how you plan on collecting your data – will it be primary data or will it be secondary data? Where is the data coming from? What collection tool will you use (e.g., survey questionnaire, interview guide, focus group guide, etc.)
• Which are your key concepts and/or variables of interest? If quantitative, which is the dependent and which is the independent? Which are the covariates?
• Are there any foreseeable ethical issues with your design? Explain. Which ones can you resolve and how? Which ones can you not resolve and why?
• Do you anticipate any limitations with your study? E.g., measurement bias, issues of validity and/or reliability, small sample size, etc. Explain.

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