REM Sleep, Prefrontal Theta, and the Consolidation of Human Emotional Memory.

topic: REM Sleep, Prefrontal Theta, and the Consolidation of Human Emotional Memory.

• Paraphrase. Do not use direct quotes!
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• Read your journal article ahead of time and take notes. Spend time trying to thoroughly understand the content and implications.
Summary Outline:
1. Journal Article
• Attach your empirical research article.
• Provide a proper reference in APA format.
2. Introduction
• Describe the major concepts.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
• Explain the importance of the research question.
• Describe the purpose of the study.
• Describe the hypotheses. What are the IVs and DVs?
3. Method
• Describe the participants. Who are they?
• Explain the recruitment methods.
• Describe what the participants were asked to do.
4. Results
• Were the results consistent with hypotheses?
• Were there any unexpected findings?
5. Discussion
• How did the authors interpret the findings?
• What are the real-world implications of the findings?
• Did the authors suggest any future directions?
6. Relation to Recent News
• How does the research conducted in this article relate to recent news?
• What real world implications does this research have?

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