relationship between dependencies and deliverables by implementing strategy.

relationship between dependencies and deliverables by implementing strategy.
core competencies, assets, control measures.
5 management principles, control to maximise patient centred pre chain: screening, education via media, social responsabilities
service value chain, follow up and post service chain.
dependencies: chain of comand, tasks depend on other units having domino effect, delays and ques, network of dependencies, ethical path, patient educiaation during dialysis regarding dietary intake, fluid control, Arterio venous fistula exercises etc. equipment and consumables in order, right amount of staff, patient scheduled in roster.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
deliverables: outcomes/outputs fo value chain, KPI”s/CSF, health monitoring, flexible to support patient all way through with after follow up service, a good relationship between all sections, optimise the waiting time to a minimum, quality of relationship with relatives and patient, levels of control according to outcomes example checking urea reduction ratio blood.

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