The relationship between Coca-Cola and WWF

The relationship between Coca-Cola and WWF

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essay written for a Corporate Social Responsibility Class (Business ethics) using the following articles:
Instructions: Write a 1500-2000 word essay on the relationship between Coca-Cola and the World Wildlife Fund using the following articles. You may write either from
the point of view of Coca-Cola or the WWF.
My professor emphasizes on 4 C’s: Concision, Comprehensiveness, Continuity, Context
Some of the theories you can apply: Carroll’s pyramid of CSR, Three domain model of CSR, Corporate Citizenship theory- extended view, integrative social contract
theory (donaldson & dunfee), ethical CSR theories, sustainability, managing externalities, CSR in communities. PLEASE CONTACT ME, I HAVE SOME INFO FROM MY TEXTBOOK

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This is the general essay outline for the course:
“Quality of analysis and critical reasoning skills are the most important elements in grading. However, organization and the logical construction of the argument are
also important. All of these elements should be well balanced, and special consideration will be given for essays on more difficult topics. Spelling and grammar are of much less importance, and allowance is made for the fact that English may not be the first language for many students. There should be evidence that your essay has been proof read and that your treatment has been comprehensive. There are times when a paper will miss a very important element or consideration pertaining to the
topic or the way that the argument has been developed. Thus, concision, comprehensiveness, continuity, and context are all important elements.”

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