Reflect on your own leadership style, ability, and skills.

Reflect on your own leadership style, ability, and skills.

Part 1: After completing the reading in Northouse and Huber, and viewing the leadership PPT Part II, answer the following questions:

Reflect on your own leadership style, ability, and skills.
In two to three paragraphs, identify the qualities or traits you believe an effective leader possesses; comment on those qualities/traits that you have.
Do you believe in the traits model that says leadership traits are innate and not developed, or do you feel the process/skills models where a leader develops their competencies over time and with experience is a better model of leadership?
Comment on the three domains of leadership skills (administrative, interpersonal, and conceptual); which do you feel is most important to effective leadership, and why? Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Part 2: After viewing the video on The Biggest Mistake A Leader Makes, answer the following questions:

Identify what you believe are the one to two biggest mistakes made by a leader, and state why.
In two paragraphs, discuss one or two of the mistakes and refer to specific examples.

Part 3: Specific requirements for this paper.

Your final paper should be between 500–750 words in length.
Follow APA 6th edition for style requirements. Ensure that citations and references are in correct format.
Cite at least two leadership references in your responses. Make sure your citations were published within the past five years, and use peer-reviewed scholarly articles.
the video

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