This is a collaborative group presentation presented by NURS 431 students to incorporate Evidence Based Practices, new concepts, and integrate old concepts with current professional nursing practices related to Disaster Management in nursing.

Select a recent disaster event within the last 5 years. This event can be domestic (within the US) or international. Group presentation must be at least 15-20 slide, PowerPoint presentation to include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Describe the disaster event
  3. Economic impact of the disaster
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  4. Psychological impact among people including children
  5. What resources are available for children?
  6. Communication system used to coordinate information sharing
  7. Identify the gaps of the communication flow and identify corrected plan of actions
  8. How resources are/were coordinated and managed throughout the response operations?
  9. Impact of the hospitals
  10. Describe how the hospitals managed the response efforts
  11. Interruptions of hospital services-how did hospital handle the service interruptions?
  12. If this is an international event, compare and contrast the response efforts (e.g. communication system, coordination with other agencies, resources allocation etc).
  13. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of the emergency management system and identify corrected plan of actions
  14. Lessons learned from the disaster
  15. Discuss the relevance of the disaster to nursing practice and the significance in the nursing profession’s body of knowledge
  16. Detailed speaker notes

This assignment requires at least five references. Keep your presentation to the point and brief.

All slides that require citations are clearly indicated and a reference for each is on the last slide(s) of references.

Group presentation must be completed in 20 minutes.

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