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  1. Conduct company analysis
  2. Review the relevant theoretical basis
  3. Identify the challenges faced by your chosen company

using relevant theories

  1. Recommend future viable strategies to address challenges

identified in terms of organisational functions

  1. Propose a research plan to identify solutions for each



Assessment Criteria

 Understanding of relevant theory/literature: 15%

 Application of theories/models : 15%

 Quality of analysis : 15%

 Validity of recommendations : 15%

 The precision, rigor and feasibility of research

proposal : 30%

 Presentation/structure/references: 10%

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The structure of the report

  1. Introduction

-Brief description of your chosen MNE

– Very brief summary of key findings from your Porter’s diamond analysis and identify the sources of national competitive advantage of your chosen MNE.


  1. Theory

– a literature review of different challenges (Bartlett & Ghoshal and Hofstede)


Michael Porter’s Diamond Model: Sources of National Competitive Advantage





  1. Challenges

– Competitive challenges

– Collaborative challenges( Alliances, JVs, etc)

– Organisational challenges (International configuration)

– Managerial challenges

– Worldwide learning challenges

– Cultural challenges (Hofestede)


  1. Propose possible recommendations

-What strategic options are available for the chosen MNE from different international management functions, such as human resource, finance, marketing, research and development and product divisions.


  1. Research proposal—-DETAILS!!!

– Provide recommendations through the fieldwork — Sample — Data collection


  1. Conclusion

‐ Summarise the key challenges identified.

‐ Justify and recommend future strategies for your chosen organisation to address these challenges.


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Recommended textbook

— Bartlett, C. A., Ghoshal, S. and Beamish, P. (2008). Transnational Management: Text, Cases, and Readings in Cross-border Management. New York: McGraw -Hill.

— Bryman, A., and Bell, E. (2007) Business Research Method. Oxford: Oxford University Press.





The first lines of paragraphs, except the first paragraph of the report, should be indented. End notes, references, appendices, tables and figures should be placed at the end of the report. Parentheses should be place around references throughout the body of the report -for instance, either Jones (1997) or (Jones, 1997). NOTE: Please use parentheses (), not brackets [] for the first level of enclosure. If it is appropriate to include page numbers, they should be indicated as Jones (1997, pp. 85-86). End notes, references, appendices, tables, and figures should be placed on separate sheets of paper and put at the end of the report.

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The introduction should state clearly the objective of the report as well as the motivation and context of the report. The literature review should be limited to the articles, books and other items that have a direct bearing on the topic being addressed.



A main heading designates the topic of a major section of the report; it should be in bold and centred, with only the first letter of the major words capitalized. Secondary headings should also be centred; they should be in italics, with only the first letter of the major words capitalized. Tertiary headings should appear at the beginning of paragraphs. They should be in bold, followed immediately by a period. A space should separate them from the text that follows.



End notes are called “Notes”. They should be kept to a minimum, and they should never be used in citing references. They all should be placed at the end of the report preceding the references. Substantive comments should be integrated within the text rather than placed in a note.



A list of references or works consulted (alphabetical, by author’s last name, but including first names) should follow the notes at the end of the report. Students should make certain that there is a complete reference for every citation in the text and that the cited dates and the spellings of authors’ names in the text and references are in agreement. The following are examples of proper form:



Journal articles


Cosset, J.-C. & . Suret, J., 1995. Political Risk and the Benefits of International Portfolio Diversification. Journal of International Business Studies, 26(2): 301-18.




Porter, M. E. 1985. Competitive Advantage: Creating and Sustaining Superior Performance.  New York:  Free Press.



Chapters in edited books


Teece, D. J., 1987. Capturing Value from Technological Innovation: Integration, Strategic Partnering, and Licensing Decisions. In R.B. Guile & H. Brooks, editors, Technology and Global Industry : Companies and Nations in the World Economy. Washington, DC: National Academy Press.


Conference papers


Caves, R.E., 1990. Corporate Mergers in International Economic Integration. Paper presented at CEPR/Instituto Mobliare Italiano Conference in European Financial Integration, Rome, Italy.


Internet pages


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Note that references to websites should include the hyperlink to the website and the date at which it was accessed.  Where the author is unknown to you, use Anon.  For example:


Anon. (2007), “Failing to Champion or Championing to Fail?”  Accessed 1st May 2012.



Salk, J. E. 1992. Shared Management Joint Ventures: Their Developmental Patterns, Challenges and Possibilities. Unpublished PhD Dissertation, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Tables and Figures

The table or figure will be placed after the first mention in the text, as soon as graphically possible and pleasing.



Appendices should include any data or additional information collected for the report.

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