Public Policy Formulation and Implementation in Public Organizations

Public Policy Formulation and Implementation in Public Organizations


In this module, you will learn about public policy formulation and implementation in public organizations. Historically, the 1980’s ushered in another period of sweeping change, this time representing a major shift in political and economic values in the United States. Beginning with the election of President Ronald Reagan, a new path was charted at the federal level based on more conservative philosophies of less government and less regulation, new federalism, strength through defense, supply side economics, and the re-alignment of public sector and private sector roles through privatization. Some politically elected executives in previous decades had clamored for a more businesslike government, but this period of conservative activism would see much more decisive action. Fittingly, it was initiated by the Reagan Administration’s promise of a series of tax cuts and expenditure reductions that would lead to increased pressure to contract out increasingly more government functions and thus promote privatization of the public sector. These contractions in the domestic spending side within the public sector were also designed to place more responsibilities on state and local governments. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

Learning Outcomes

  • Upon successful completion of this module, you will be able to:
  • Categorize five ways to administer public policies and programs.
  • Relate the role of political mistrust and chronic fiscal stress to the impact on public policy.
  • Trace the origins of a renewed commitment to training and customer service and empowerment of employees.
  • Explain why public policy has become increasingly more complex.
  • Evaluate the need for more sophisticated recruiting, training, and systematic approaches to job enrichment and performance.


Textbook Readings

Milakovich & Gordon: ch. 9 Public Policy and Program

Shafritz & Hyde: From Reagan to Reinvention the 1980s and 1990s

PowerPoint Presentation: Public Budgeting in America


Assignment: Post a 300-word thread answering the Discussion Board questions below.

Informed decision-making is an important aspect for working in the government. According to Milakovich and Gordon, provide some examples of how information technology can be used to assist bureaucrats in decision-making?

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