Professional Accounting Experience Report.

Professional Accounting Experience Report.

This request is to complete a Chartered Professional Accounting Experience Report.  I am requesting well thought-out responses for both the technical and enabling competencies sections (contained below).  There is specific information that must be identified for each competency.  To assist, I have uploaded the Experience Report Overview, and two slide decks detailing examples of how to respond to the types of competencies.  I am also uploading job descriptions for positions I have held within the public sector/government.


For further information, please view the supplemental guidance videos on technical and enabling competency reporting

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Supplemental Guidance – Technical Competencies:


Supplemental Guidance – Enabling Competencies:


Becoming a CPA (Pathways)



Order breakdown:


There are twenty technical competency responses (150 words x 20 responses = 3,000 words)

There are thirty-one enabling competency responses (250 words x 31 responses = 7,750 words)


Therefore there is approximately ~10,750 words.  I have ordered 11,000 words as part of this request.

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