Positive Psychology-Wellbeing / Peer Mediation

Title: Peer Mediation and Positive Psychology – A strong connection

Literature review + Empirical Evidence

Summary: This project is indented to reveille and underline the importance of Peer Mediation (PM) program in children’s lives during their school life and the positive impact that it has in their wellbeing in general. Peer Mediation has its origin in the USA however many other countries (including UK, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Norway and recently Greece) have also introduced this program in their schools.
Peer mediation is a process where pupils mediating disputes between pupils. “Usually a whole year group is given some training in conflict resolution after which pupils who are interested are invited to apply to go on to further training. Once trained, the peer mediators work in pairs, invariably with pupils younger than themselves.”Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
The method and the tools that are being used during the peer mediation training along with the structure and the result of a mediation session are elements that help children feel happy, confident, resilient, optimist, goal oriented, contributing greatly to their overall wellbeing.
And the scope of this research /review is to investigate and present how peer mediation and positive psychology (PP) theory are strongly connected nominating on one hand PM as a great PP intervention and on the other hand PP theories as great tools for PM training.

Main PP theories Should be discussed especially the ones related to Wellbeing

Peer Mediation as a method of conflict resolution should be discussed

And then based on the literature review the strong link between the two should be highlighted.

Attached you ll find a couple of project evaluation reports and some references for Peer Mediation

Conflict resolution and peer mediation programs in elementary and secondary schools: A review of the research
DW Johnson, RT Johnson – Review of Educational research, 1996 – journals.sagepub.com

Effects of peer mediation training on elementary school students
DW Johnson, RT Johnson, B Dudley – Mediation quarterly, 1992 – Wiley Online Library 1002/crq. 3900100108. abs

Evaluating peer mediation outcomes in educational settings: A meta‐analytic review
NA Burrell, CS Zirbel, M Allen – Conflict Resolution Quarterly, 2003 – Wiley Online Library
This investigation summarizes existing research on peer mediation outcomes in school‐based settings.

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