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Questions are attached: 1.A plant is growing in the middle of a patch of bare dirt; there are no other plants within 20 meters except for one other plant one meter away. This second plant has a straight stem and is 3 meters tall. The first plant sends out a shoot along the ground directly towards the tall plant. When the shoot reaches the tall plant’s stem it grows up the stem by winding around and around it. How did the shoot ‘know’ to grow straight to the other plant? How, when the shoot tip touched the other plant’s stem, did the shoot switch from growing straight to growing in a spiral?

2.A cell in a mammalian endocrine organ secretes hormone molecules to the space outside the cell. After about 10 seconds a cell in another organ, which is not an endocrine organ, starts to secrete a protein enzyme to the space outside its plasma membrane. Trace the events that occur between secretion of hormone molecules from one cell and secretion of enzyme molecules from another cell in a different organ. Include the events that could occur within the second cell, the one that secretes an enzyme. This is clearly a generic situation so you should not pick a particular endocrine signaling and response pair of cells; your answer can be in general terms.

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