PIH teaching

PIH teaching


Comprehensive Assessment

  • Clear and concise discussion of patient’s admission diagnosis, demographic data, and anticipated learning needs
  • Clear and comprehensive patient assessment data to support a deficient knowledge nursing diagnosis.

Patient Learning Needs Assessment

  • Clear and complete assessment of learner (patient /family), teaching needs, and special learning needs, if present.
  • Clear identification of patient’s strengths and weaknesses relevant to learning needs.
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Organization/ Evidence-based Information

  • Open and closing remarks that capture patient’s attention.
  • Clear and correct statement of 2 teaching objectives.
  • Clear and organized presentation of evidence-based patient teaching.

PLAN: submitted to the clinical instructor during the teaching experience. Your clinical instructor must approve the topic.

  • Develop nursing diagnosis(NANDA)
  • Develop two (2) learning objectives
  • State methodology (teaching methods)
  • Provide and utilize teaching aids
  • State needed resources
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