Philosophical Problems and Arguments

Philosophical Problems and Arguments

First, you must write a paragraph or two carrying out one of the following tasks:

Identification: Identify what the ethical conflict is in a particular case presented in a reading.

Explication: Articulate an argument, theoretical principle, or the main outlines of a theory presented in a reading.

Definition: Define a concept presented in a reading.

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Evaluation: Briefly evaluate an argument presented in a reading. Application: Apply a theoretical concept or principle presented in a reading.

Second, you must develop a specific, informative question about a reading. Ask a question that is actually a meaningful question. Make sure that it’s not just some basic comprehension question that can be answered by reading the text. It must be a serious request for further expansion or clarification.

This week:


  1. 1. Read

(a) Philosophical Problems and Arguments Ch. 1

(b) “Plato’s Apology of Socrates” pdf (


  1. 2. Task:Explain the idea of logical possibility and necessity. Give an example.


  1. 3. Question: Develop a question about something from the readings. Is there a concept that you don’t quite get? Does something need to be clarified? Have you tried to apply a concept to your own observations and found it confusing?
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