Persuasive Topics: consuming organic food outline

Persuasive Topics: consuming organic food outline
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Deciding on the topics to discuss in a speech is sometimes a daunting task. Therefore, strategic planning is necessary to come up with viable topics. In this case, the focus is on two major subjects. These include why people should adopt the consumption of organic foods .

Over the years, health issues such as obesity, cancer, and diabetes have been on the rise due to poor eating habits and preferences (Mie & Wivstad, 2015). Therefore, in discussing the topic on why people should adopt the consumption of organic foods, one would focus on several aspects. First, they will develop a basic understanding of the production of natural products from a historical perspective (“Are Organic foods better for my health?” 2014). Also, they would address significant concerns that include the factors affecting consumer preferences and choice in selecting the type of products to consume. Lastly, they will emphasize the core benefits of consuming organic foods.Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

For this assignment, you will create an outline for your persuasive speech. Ideally, speeches should be delivered extemporaneously. Therefore, we never write out our speeches word for word because then we tend to read our speeches, which is extremely boring for the audience. The audience wants you to speak directly to them, which you can’t do when reading. Submit your outline to the folder by the due date listed in the Course Schedule. Your instructor will return the graded outline with suggestions to improve your speech.

Choose a persuasive topic with the advice from your instructor in Module 3 Discussion 1.
State your specific purpose: “What belief, attitude or behavior do you want the audience to change by the end of your speech?”
Choose two to four main ideas and conduct research to find supporting evidence for each topic.
Gather supporting evidence (such as an expert quote, a peer quote, a story, an example, an analogy, or a statistic) that supports your main points.
Create another main point if you cannot find two or three pieces of supporting evidence for your original main point.
When you have three main points with supporting evidence, decide on an organizational method.
Topical order is where the main points are equally divided.
Problem/solution order is appropriate for policy persuasive speeches or a current event.
Spatial order can describe a problem located in various parts of a region, continent, or world.
Causal order can analyze the cause and effects of an issue.
Fill in the lines of the Persuasive Outline Template as completely as you can.
Complete the body of the speech.
The main points are the Roman Numerals.
Identify supporting evidence with capital letters or numbers.
Make sure that information is equally divided between main points.
Between the main points, place a transition that summarizes what you have just said and previews (states) the next main point. There are usually two transitions in an outline that has three main points.
Complete the introduction and conclusion.
Complete the bibliography or references in MLA or APA or Chicago format.
Reference these sources to help you complete the project:
Student Model Persuasive Speech Outline
APA Format
Persuasive Outline Template

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