Pearl Harbor a turning point

Pearl Harbor a turning point

Length: six to eight(6-8) pages, typed and double-spaced *Sources: seven to ten (7-10) sources; at least four of your sources should be secondary (p. 576 in text); no reference sources (dictionary, encyclopedia,Wikipedia) Documentation: all outside sources must be identified using MLA format (parenthetical documentation and a works cited page) and photocopies of all sources must be turned inProfessional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!

It was peaceful lazy sunday morning in paradise some were getting up early to get chores done or heading to church while some were still in the bed from the night before.  Then all the sudden there were loud thumps and black smoke billowing to the clear blue skies overhead as hundreds of Japanese Zero planes flew overhead Pearl Harbor is under attack.  Japanese Zero planes swarmed the sky like an angry wasp nest shooting and dropping bombs on anything and everything while everyone was scrambling to find cover.  December 7th 1941 will be a day no one will never forget.

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