Old Testamant Theme

Old Testamant Theme

First, focus on what the Bible says about the theme that you chose. So if you chose creation you are trying to give a faithful presentation of what the Bible says about creation. If you chose fear of the Lord focus on the fear of the Lord, etc. Do not get caught up in extra-biblical issues, but if you want to have a paragraph at the end of the paper discussing modern implications that is fine, but the paper is about what the Bible, and particularly the Old Testament, says about the chosen topic

Second, as noted above, focus on what the Old Testament says about your topic. You can look at the New Testament toward the end of your paper, but be sure to give a thorough discussion of what the Old Testament says. In order to do this you would do well to look at, and discuss the implications of, all of the major Old Testament texts about your topic.

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Third, use the New Dictionary of Biblical Theology as a helpful guide on some of the major texts and major things that should be covered.

Fourth, stay focused and on topic that you chose. Do not get distracted with things that are off topic. This is very important for this paper because if you get off topic it makes it look like you don’t know the topic as well.

Fifth, use solid topic sentences. Topic sentences are the first sentences in a paragraph. These are intended to make a point and then the rest of the paragraph is then focused on proving that point.

Sixth, use solid academic sources and avoid internet websites.

Seventh, cite anything that you quote or paraphrase. You should have a 10 reference page.

This paper should start with an introduction, and then give the argument on how the God’s promises was never failed in His argument.

Paper: 1. Introduction

2. What is a Covenant

3. The Five major covenants

4. What covenant Christians are in

5. Conclusion

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