NUrsing research article

NUrsing research article

Select a nursing research article and address each of the five areas listed below. As you scan the study, make notes in the margins and circle/underline/highlight important words on a printed copy or make notes on your computer. This will make it easier to locate the relevant information later. I expect you to find and discuss each section, not simply copy the abstract.

The paper should be 2 pages long and be written in narrative form. Use level one headings to organize the paper. APA format required.

Do not cite the article within the body of the paper; simply include it on the reference page. Reminder: all papers should have an introductory paragraph (no heading) and a conclusion (level one heading).

1) Problem: What problem or issue prompted the author (s) to do the study?

2) Purpose: What is the purpose of the study? (usu

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ally stated in the article as, “The purpose (or aim) of the study is to…(describe, explain, predict, determine, etc)

3) Research Question: Identity the research question(s). If an actual question was not formulated by the author(s), formulate your own using PICO(T) format.

Note: The problem, purpose, and research question are usually found in the Introduction/Background section of the study.

4) Findings: Discuss the major findings of the study (not the statistical data). For example, “The students who completed the online tutorial had significantly higher scores on the EKG recognition exam than the students who received traditional classroom teaching.”

5) Significance/Implications for Nursing: Do the findings have significance (implications) for the discipline of nursing in regards to practice, education, research, or healthcare policy?

Note: findings and significance are usually found in the Discussion or Conclusion section.

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