Nursing Papers Essay Help-A short-answer written assignment

Nursing Papers Essay Help-A short-answer written assignment

A short-answer written assignment


Consider the following research paper published in the International Journal of Public Health:


Treloar C, Gray, R, Brener L, Jackson C, Saunders V, Johnson P, Harris M, Butow P, Newman C (2014) “I can’t do this, it’s too much”: building social inclusion in cancer diagnosis and treatment experiences of Aboriginal people, their carers and health workers. International Journal of Public Health 59(2):373-379.

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Based on the published article, answer the following questions in approx. 250-300 words each (you can allocate more words for some questions, as long as your overall count is 1500).


  1. What social problem is being addressed in this research? What is/are the research question(s) being addressed by this research? How do the authors link the social problem and the research question? (20%)
  2. Describe the paradigm adopted by the authors, and give some evidence from the article for your answer (20%)
  3. Thinking about what matters ethically in conducting research, discuss how well the researchers adhered to the ethical guidelines concerning research with Aboriginal participants (20%)
  4. Describe the population, sample and data collection techniques used by the researchers, and comment on their suitability to answer the research question (20%)
  5. Summarise the research findings. Have the researchers answered the research questions posed? (20%)


You will be assessed using the following criteria



  1. Ability to identify the difference between a social problem and a research question and how they might be linked.
  2. Demonstrated understanding of what a paradigm is, and how the use of a paradigm can be identified in a research article.
  3. Understanding of the key ethical principles of conducting research with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and how they are practically applied.
  4. Understanding of the terms ‘population’ and ‘sampling’ in qualitative research design, and how they are linked to the research question
  5. Ability to identify and critically assess the argument of a piece of published research.



  • Demonstration of critical thinking
  • Ability to make written arguments
  • Appropriate referencing

Reasonable argument

Being analytical

Lecture notes, readings

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