nursing informatics

nursing informatics

Using the same environment from Topic 4, write a paper of 750-1,000 words in which you review the current state of the infrastructure and focus on a specific area:
security, data management, connectivity, etc., and make suggestions for future improvements. Papers must include the following: Clearly describe current
infrastructure, workflow, and processes. Identify the existing gaps and issues within the environment. Provide solutions for improvement associated to the gaps
identified – zero cost and unlimited budget. Recognize current technology that can change health care infrastructure. ****This was Topic 4***** In a paper (750-1,000
words), select an environment (one you currently work in, have worked in previously, or wish to move into) and describe the challenges and opportunities associated
with the implementation of an EMR, EHR/Patient Portal, or Decision Support/Dashboard. ( I wrote about EHR)

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