News Analysis

News Analysis

In this
assignment, you will choose a contemporary online news article from a leading newspaper or news
magazine that focuses upon an event in international relations. You will write a short paper that
analyzes the news article. Below, you will find the details about the type of article you should find
for each paper, and the questions that should be answered in your analyses.
News Analysis Paper 1: The first News Analysis Paper will be about a current conflict in the world. Professional Custom Writing Services from the Experts!
The questions below should be answered in the paper:
1) What actors were involved in the conflict?
2) What was the cause of the conflict according to the author of the article?
3) What are the consequences of the conflict?
4) In what ways does the conflict impact other actors beyond the key actors involved in the
5) Is there any other similar case to this conflict? If yes, why is it similar? If no, what makes this
conflict unique?
6) What would be your suggestions to improve the situation?

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