Motivation William Damon


To explore our goals and sense of purpose, try the following activity:
Part I.
(1) First list the top 5 or 10 goals that you are trying to accomplish in your everyday behavior.

Part II.
Then write your responses to the following questions that William Damon used in his interviews (Damon, 2008, p. 135).

(2) Do you have any long-term goals?

(3) What does it mean to have a good life?

(4) What does it mean to be a good person?

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(5) If you were looking back on your life now, how would you like to be remembered?

Part III.
Answer in essay form:
(6) Consider, are your everyday goals leading to the fulfillment of your long term-dreams? How are you working in your everyday behavior to achieve your grander purposes? Incorporate the items in Part I & II of this assignment. Consider not only your “resume virtues” but also “eulogy virtues.” Please use spellcheck and grammar check on your writing. Also consider getting feedback on your writing from an HCC tutor in person or online (Upswing).

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