Mobile Incident Response and Investigations

Mobile Incident Response and Investigations

##Separate the overview and white paper##

Overview (3 pages)

Regarding mobile phones communicate with cell sites, cellular to cellular communication, mobile switching centers, and the base switching subsystem, the technology of mobile networks, including form factors, smart devices, and other wireless technologies

White paper (12 pages)

Be included

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trends in mobile technology

handset transmission types and mobile operating systems

threats represented by mobile technology

Embedded devices such as GPS units, home entertainment systems, media players, and gaming devices

Part 2

laws and regulations governing the search and seizure of mobile devices

considerations for handling, investigative techniques, mobile forensic tools, and location of evidence

Part 3

file system analysis, techniques for working through security measures , and third-party applications

data carving, file system, and compound file analysis



Miscellaneous ( 1 page)  – end of the white paper

the biggest threat posed by cyber-criminals using mobile technology in the coming years, and a technology that shows promises a solution

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