Microorganism Profile Assignment

Microorganism Profile Assignment

Below are the documents you will need to complete this assignment.

  • Microorganism Profile Worksheet
  • Organism List
  • Grading Rubric 


As you progress through the Microorganism Profile Worksheet,  you will be asked to fill in the blanks, complete tables, and provide written explanations in your own words.  All written answers are expected to meet accepted standards for grammar, syntax, and punctuation.  Proper microbiology terminology is also expected.   The completed paper using the worksheet as a guide is to be in APA format and is to be submitted electronically via the Assignment Drop Box in Canvas located in week 6.

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As you progress through this course, you will acquire information in a sequential, topic-specific manner. Each topic will include information that is relevant to this assignment. For example, the knowledge you gain from the lesson on bacterial cell morphology will be applied to the first Worksheet topic, Cell Morphology and Growth Requirements.  Your answers are expected to include information from sources that go beyond the textbook or classroom.   Please use at least 4 resources and use APA reference format in the paper and References page.  Examples of resources include peer-reviewed journal articles, interviews with clinicians who deal with microbes on a daily basis, personal experiences, and other reputable sources. You are expected to clearly understand the meaning of each topic before you construct your answer.  For example, you are expected to know the meaning of “epidemiology” and to understand the topics that are connected to it.   Don’t forget to read and understand the Grading Rubric before you start.   Refer to it often – it will help guide you through the process.

Your pathogen profile will cover the following topics:

  1. Description of the Microorganism
  2. Virulence Factors
  3. Immunity
  4. Infectious Disease Information
  5. Epidemiology
  6. Presentations
  7. Prevention
  8. Treatment
  9. Clinical Relevance
  10. References

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