Mental Heath In The U.S

Mental Heath In The U.S

Length: 1,000-1,500 words
Audience: scholars who are curious about your topic and the direction of your research
Purpose: to organize an argumentative essay and document sources
Point of View: first and third person permitted; the second person permitted only in interviews

(Briefly introduce your next capstone section. 1 paragraph)

Research Method and Design Appropriateness
(What are the
differences between qualitative research and quantitative research? Which was more appropriate
for your study? Why? – 2 paragraphs)

(Discuss your study population. 2 paragraphs)

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(Elaborate on your sampling frame here. 1 paragraph)

Data Collection
(Discuss the collection of your data. Was it quantitative or qualitative? How did you
collect the data? How did you protect the integrity of the data? 2 paragraphs)

Data Analysis
(Discuss the process where you analyzed your data. How did you analyze it? If
quantitative, what statistical tool did you use? If qualitative, how did you interpret the
information? 1 paragraph)

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